CamStudio 2.7.2

Fully comprehensive screen shot app


  • Excellent for tutorials and tech support
  • Lots of handy video editing style features


  • Only outputs to AVI and FLV

Very good

Some screen capture packages take a simple "point and shoot" approach to taking screenshots while others turn it into a virtual art form.

Camstudio falls into this latter category. If Stephen Spielberg were to take screenshots instead of make films then he'd probably use something along the lines of this app. Camstudio is an excellent and fully comprehensive screenshot solution for anyone that needs to go beyond simple illustration and really needs to show the end user exactly how to use an application on program.

It's an excellent choice for those that have to provide technical support or developer who have to design tutorials to explain how to use their programs. The range of output files is admittedly limited - CamStudio will only output in AVI format but you can also convert movies to Flash (SWF). You can also choose the codecs used to encode your screen capture shots and set the frame rate you need to capture at.

Ordinary screen captures are performed in much the same way as in most screen capture applications. Simply drag the mouse over the area you want to capture or tap in the coordinates. You can of course add text and for more complicated motion captures, a useful auto-tracking feature follows the movement of the mouse without you having to do a thing.

CamStudio is an excellent free screen capture tool merging the best of screen capturing apps with video editing packages into one very impressive program.

User reviews about CamStudio

  • logann dempsey

    by logann dempsey

    best recorder ever!!.
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  • by Anonymous

    Camstudio did not work well and crashed after the first download.
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  • by Anonymous

    Makes whole system unstable - never seen anything like that..
    Terrible. On i5 it gets 10-12 fps at most, it make...   More

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    i dont know.
    i downloaded allready 3 times and what is does it keeps downloading blank. i dont know what is wron...   More

  • by Anonymous

    This used to be fine BUT now it is loaded with viruses!.
    I had problems with my old install so I redownloaded it...   More

  • by Anonymous

    very limited functionality! .
    very limited functionality - it can only record but it does not auto save, it has ...   More